Collection: Transfers

What is DTF transfers?

DTF transfers are a type of garment transfer printed using a water based DTF ink printed onto a clear release paper. This allows the end user the flexibility of when the transfer is applied and what the transfer is applied to. It can be applied to any material and all color. DTF transfers require a commercial grade heat press due to the high, even pressure needed for the correct application. You cannot use a Cricut heat press or at home irons. DFT needs even and heavy pressure to seal in the print. 

How To press DTF Transfers?

Prepress garment to remove excess moisture.

Be sure to place the transfer on shirt's vibrant side up, facing you.

Pressing Temperature: 300F-325F

Pressing Time: 15-20 seconds

Pressure: High 8-9 PSI


Optional: we prefer to do another 15 second press after the cold peel